itinerary in Brianza Antona traversi
Villa Antona Traversi
The Antona Traversi's Chapel

Itineraries from Villa Medici Giulini

Villa Medici is in the middle of a zone where there are some villas which are examples of splendid baroque architecture. The visit of there properties is exceptional, as they are normally closed to the public. The itinerary might be as follows: 

-Visit of Villa Antona Traversi in Meda. Built in the 19th century, it was once a monastery, and includes the church, completely frescoed by Bernardino Luini. In its architectural structure is links itself to the Monastery of San Maurizio in Milan, masterpiece by Luini, the favourite Leonardo’s pupil. The young women of the Milanese aristocracy lived in the monastery, such as in San Maurizio in Milan. It is still property of the Antona Traversi family, and keeps the unmistakable character of a great patrician villa.
- Visit of Villa Perego in Cremnago. The villa is a masterpiece by Piermarini, the architect of the Teatro alla Scala and of the Villa Reale in Monza. Also the project of the flight of steps that joins the Italianate garden to the English park is made by him. The Chapel near the villa keeps an important fresco by the Bergognone. The palace was built for the Perego family, that is still the owner. The visit of the interiors, with the wonderful  library is an absolutely exceptional experience.
-  Lunch at Ristorante “La Vignetta” in Cremnago. It is possible, during the summer, to eat under a pergola and, during the winter, in a hall with an historical chimney.
- Visit of Villa Sormani in Lurago d’Erba, near the restaurant. The villa was built in 1783, and keeps intact the front, with the double porch motive. It faces the hills, on a miraculously intact landscape. It was built for the Sormani family, who still belongs it.
- Visit of the Santuario di S. Maria della Noce in Inverigo, built on 16th century. Until at the beginning of this century the traditional market of the silkworms was kept on the front square. Quite all Brianza’s cultivation was represented by mulberry-trees, and the silk industry was very flowering.
- Visit of Villa Sommi Picenardi in Olgiate Molgora, famous for its wonderful Italianate garden, splendid frame for the baroque architecture of the villa. The interiors are very fascinating. It is still property of the Sommi Picenardi family.

 This program is available only for spring and summer


Itineraries from Villa Medici Giulini


Villa Antona Traversi in Meda

Villa Perego in Cremnago

Villa Sormani in Lurago d'Erba


Villa Sommi Picenardi in Olgiate Molgora



Santurio di S.Maria della Noce a Inverigo