Itineraries from Villa Medici Giulini

The Oratorio della Maddalena is in an extraordinary raised chapel found behind the High Alter, with a statue of the crucifixion of painted wood represent in full size. This exceptional beautiful work dates from  4th century Holland.
Upon leaving the narrow road leaving the Tenuta La Marchesa, take a turn right. Arriving at Novi Ligure turn at the first set of lights to the left, at the second set continue straight ahead until the  Piazza Mercato is reached, here it is possible to park the car. The route from the Marchesa to Novi Ligure takes 15 minutes. Here on foot continue along Via Giacomo Peloso, that lies at the side of the pizzeria Charlie Brown, continue for about 200 mt. then turn to the left at the fist street. Immediately at 30 mt. is the Basilica of Santa Maria Maddalena. To visit it is necessary to call the curator who lives in front of the church, Sig. Silvano Cabella. It is suggested that the visit is paid around 13,30, partine then at around 14,15 for the Museum of Voltaggio, which opens around  15,00.
The Fortezza di Gavi is an important complex of fortification constructed by the Repubblica di Genova for the control of the road that leads to the Ducato di Milano.
The Museo di Voltaggio is an important art gallery in which are found the works of the Maestri of the Genovese School of the 16th century. The museum is in a small monastery  which has remained intact in the mist of the countryside.
Leaving Novi Ligure follow the indications for Gavi, that also correspond to the indications for Tenuta La Marchesa (therefore retake the same course as that indicated for the  Basilica di S. Maria Maddalena). Upon reaching the town of Gavi, that’s around about 6 km. from Novi. Enter the town following the Via Mameli until the piazza Dante Alighieri is reached at the centre of the town.
Parking the car there in the piazza Dante Alighieri, the Fortezza di Gavi can be well admired. For those you are interested in taking a taste of the locally produced wine and product’s a visit to the wine merchant, which is a characteristic site situated behind the station of the Carabinieri is recommended. Retaking the journey by car follow the indication for Voltaggio, which is about 9 km. from Gavi. Arriving at Voltaggio, do not take the road for the centre but continue straight ahead for Busalla, along side the town. Passing over the bridge of the river Lemme, about 500 mt. here at the cross roads that a right turn. Continue for another 200 mt. and , immediately passing the Carabinieri station, take the next on the left indicating Convento Cappuccini Quadreria. The entire course from Novi Ligure to Voltaggio, including a brief stop at Gavi, should take about  45 minute. It would be best to be at the museum by 15,00, which remains open until 17,00. From Voltaggio the abbazia di Sezzadio can be reached.
The Abbazia di Santa Giustina at Sezzadio is one of the most interesting medieval monuments in Piemonte. Part of the4 original Benedictine Monastery of Santa Giustina in Sezzadio.
From Voltaggio take the road for  Gavi. Entering the town of Gavi passing in front of the playing fields. Arriving in the Piazza Dante Alighieri, here can be found the directions for Novi Ligure. Upon leaving Gavi, at the first cross roads, immediately after the bridge, follow the road until the second crossroads are met, here take the road to the left following the indications for Francavilla Bisio, which is about 7 km. from Gavi. Arriving at Francavilla Bisio, continue for Basaluzzo, which is about 6 km. from Francavilla. At Basaluzzo follow the indication for Ovada and after about 2 km, passing over the bridge on the river Lemme, take a right turn for Sezzadio. Arriving at Sezzadio after about 9 km. At Sezzadio there are indication on the left for the Abby, which is found after about 1 km. from Sezzadio. The course from Voltaggio to Sezzadio takes about 50 minutes. The Abby is open at the same times as those of the church.

Terminating the visit to the Abby the visitor can follow the indication for Alessandria and after 15 km. the exit for the motorway can be found the A26 Alessandria/Voltri. In alternative, one can continue for Novi Ligure, arriving at the exit for the A27.