Zuccarelli's hall in Villa Medici Giulini

Itinerary from Villa Medici Giulini

First day: Visit of a private collection in Brianza and of the Villas in the surroundings
Villa Medici hosts one of the most important collections of ancient keyboard instruments, all perfectly restored and able to play perfectly. The Villas in the surroundings are examples of splendid baroque architecture, and they were seat of concerts in past times.
The visit of this properties is exceptional, because they are normally closed to the public.
- Visit of Villa Antona Traversi in Meda, originally a monastery, which includes a church frescoed by the Luini and his pupils. In its architectural structure it remembers the San Maurizio Monastery in Milan.
- Visita of Villa Perego in Cremnago. The villa is a masterpiece of Piermarini, who built also the Scala Theatre and the Villa Reale in Monza. There is a splendid flight of steps that links the Italian-style garden to the landscaped park. The Chapel contains an important fresco by Bergognone, and the villa two fortepianos always property of the Perego family.
- Lunch at restaurant “La Corte” in Lurago d’Erba, in an old farmhouse.
- Visit of Villa Sormani, close to the restaurant. The villa was built in 1783 and offers a wonderful view over an intact Lombard landscape from the top of the hill.
- Visit of the square facing the church of S. Maria alla Noce, in which, until the early 19th century, a traditional market for the sale of silk cocoons was held.
- Coming back to Villa Medici.
- Visit to the collection of keyboard instruments in the private villa, with an artist that plays the fortepianos.
- Visit of the private Chapel.
- Dinner in lombard style in the old lombard style kitchen.

Second day: Visit to Donizetti’s native house and to private palaces in Bergamo
Arriving in Bergamo we reach the high city.
- Visit of the Piazza Vecchia with the Church of S. Maria Maggiore, the Baptistry and the Colleoni Chapel.
- Visit of the native house of Donizetti.
- Visit of Palazzo Terzi, a private property, opened only for particular visits.
- Lunch in the high city in the restaurant “L’Agnello d’Oro”, Via Gombito 22.
This restaurant is famous for its typical local cooking.
- Visit of Palazzo Moroni, with the private collection of paintings.
- Visit of Palazzo Agliardi. The three palaces: Terzi, Moroni e Agliardi are considered the three gems of the lombard architecture, and they are extremely important for their collection of paintings and furniture.
- Visit of Accademia Carrara, with Lorenzo Lotto’s paintings.
- Coming back to Villa Medici, visit in Bussero to Villa Sioli, to admire the garden and the music hall. The owners will offer a tea-break in lombard style.
- At Villa Medici concert with a singer who will sing opera arias and romances, accompanied by a pianist.
- Dinner at “Taverna degli Artisti”, at Villa Borromeo in Costa Lambro, few kilometres far from Villa Medici .

Third day: Visit of the Teatrino of the Villa Reale in Monza, of the “Museum-houses” in Milan, near the Scala
From Villa Medici we reach Monza, with a stop to the Agliate Baptistry, dated 1000. It is one of the ancient lombard monuments
- Visit of the Duomo in Monza, entirely frescoed, with a guide showing the monument
- Visit of the Teatrino di Corte and of the Cappella Reale, opened for the occasion. The Cappella Reale has a magnificent organ by Antegnati. They are both part of the Villa Reale, built by Piermarini.
- Lunch at “St. George Premier”, the ancient pheasantry in the park of Villa Reale, with a lesson of lombard cooking: “risotto alla milanese”
- In the afternoon departure for Milan. Visit to the “museum-houses”, that are the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, a famous picture-gallery, and the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum. Both museums are near the Scala Theatre
- Visit of the San Maurizio Monastery, with the paintings of Bernardino Luini, the most important pupil of Leonardo. In the choir, totally frescoed, there is one of the most important organs of the Lombardy, built by Antegnati.
- Shopping in the centre.
- Coming back to Villa Medici.
- Concert in the organ hall, with an artist who will play some pieces on the organs of the collection.
- Gala dinner in lombard style in the dining-hall.