Luciana Serra

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Luciana Serra

Luciana Serra is famous all over the world for her splendid artistic personality that allows her to interpret different roles. She is an extraordinary teacher, loved by young people whom she coaches with devotion: she often sings in concert with those who show more talent. She supports them with her fame, grooming them for a beautiful career. She was the legendary interpreter of all the Maria Callas’ characters, with particular attention to Donizzetti and Bellini’s works. Her voice is very pure, particularly suitable to Donizzetti and Bellini’s repertoire.She regularly teaches at Villa Medici where she keeps lessons always attended by young people at the beginning of their career who desire to improve themselves with this famous artist. The career is begun with the first  large happening to her debut to the Covent Garden of London and it is continued with one international affirmation that crown her the ” Queen ” of the stage. She has recorded discs with a repertorio that goees from the Magical Flauto to the Barber of Seville, from Rigoletto to Paschal Don. Her interpretations are always mirabili because they can be serious or comic operas, airs of transcendental difficulty of Donizzetti, Bellini or Greens, all the musics become perfect for her.

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