Events location just near Milan

A new proposal for an event in a theatre setting

Events location near Milan - Villa Medici Giulini

Who is looking for an exclusive location for events just outside Milan is often in the difficult position of having to answer a longstanding question: what is the best location?

The doubt is reasonable. It may happen that a solution may be somewhat disappointing in relation with the beauty of the place, the presence of services, a park, parking for guests, as well as proximity to the centre. We know how difficult it is to be sure that we have chosen the right place to meet all guests needs. For the same reasons, we are also certain that we can guarantee a setting and a level of service that are unparalleled throughout Lombardy.

The success of the events organized at Villa Medici Giulini will be guaranteed by the possibility of combining the historical context with the beauty of the surroundings and a theatre scenography.

Events location near Milan: the importance of a strategic position

Villa Medici Giulini is an excellent solution for those looking for a location for events in Milan area thanks to its strategic location. The villa is located close to Milan, in the heart of Brianza and it is easily accessible from the main Lombardy roads and highways, although surrounded by greenery, in an oasis of quietness.

Guests privacy and discretion are guaranteed, as it is a protected place, slightly dislocated compared to Milan and large urban centres. The unspoilt nature, perfectly combined with history, can only remain impressed forever in guests’ memory.

Location for exclusive events: a complete and tailor-made service

Villa Medici Giulini offers an innovative solution for an events location in the surroundings of Milan. Exclusive and refined receptions that become an extraordinary event can be organized there: the events could take place in the Teatrino, as well as in the architectural spaces outside.

Music accompaniment emphasizes the reception that becomes an unforgettable event.

The Piazzetta and the Belvedere are proposals that complete the event with outdoor spaces before guests move inside the hall. The Teatrino communicates with the garden of roses flowering until the first days of autumn.

The exceptional feature of the residence, a prestigious event location in Lombardy, in the heart of Brianza, is to allow receptions guests to lodge in the hotel. They can also live an extraordinary touristic experience, thanks to the complex uniqueness, to the immense and romantic garden, to the immersion in the culture and the music and to the possibility to appreciate one of the proposed cultural itineraries.

Guests can enrich their stay with a live concert of classical or jazz music.

The collection of precious musical instruments is located in the luxurious halls distributed within the property and each door that opens represents a new emotion. Sometimes, celebrating a birthday a song that remembers the first date is performed, making unforgettable the anniversary. The event links to the main theme “In search of lost sounds”.

A successful tradition is that of a personalized cake with the photo of the protagonist of the event, be it a Baptism, a Confirmation, a Birthday, or the chairman change of a Lions or a Rotary Club. The decorations of the cakes created by the talented Brianza pastry chefs change, but the joyful spirit of the event remains unchanged.

From June to September the access avenues of the garden are flowered with hydrangeas, in a colours blaze, from the white of the Annabelle to the intense pink that fades into red of the Leuchtfeuer. The choice of blooms alternates and combines only two varieties: Barni roses and hydrangeas.

Villa Medici Giulini, an events location near Milan, is perfect for hosting exclusive receptions, gala evenings, art and design events, anniversaries and, in general, for the celebration of important moments.

The structure, thanks to the experience related to the management of dozens of events, is able to host receptions of any complexity.
Thanks to the collaboration with selected suppliers it is possible to offer a wide range of additional services.

Villa Medici Giulini: a Villa for exclusive events

For those looking for an exclusive event location just outside Milan, surrounded by greenery, Villa Medici Giulini, historic residence of great value, is the ideal choice for the context and for the possibilities of organization and customization almost endless.
A villa for events unique in its kind. An authentic place.
Guests will keep moments of rare beauty in their heart.

An unforgettable event and a flowers triumph