The Villa
of the lost sounds

Villa Medici Giulini is an important historical building among the oldest in Lombardy. A cypresses avenue leads to the villa and the two Cappuccine framing the porch of the residence. The main hall is painted by Francesco Zuccarelli with six great tempera landscapes, probably referring to the family properties. This is at the same time the artistic “heart” of the villa and the “core business” of the property because painting, architecture and music come together in a unique synthesis. We are at the gates of Milan, which is just a few kilometres away, once crossed by carriages, and now a crossroads of highways leading to the economic capital of Lombardy and Italy as well. Somehow then the beating heart of economy mixed with a breath of poetry nourished by art and music.

The Villa of the lost sounds
A historical house close to Milan

The historic house, unique in its kind in Lombardy and perhaps throughout Italy, allows you to live an extraordinary experience of architecture, art and music.

Fernanda Giulini welcomes guests telling a story that seems a fairy tale: sometimes she plays the instruments of the collection passing from Mozart to Morricone, from an eighteenth-century fortepiano to an electronic instrument, conveying enthusiasm and curiosity for a unique adventure of sounds and beauty.

You are shifted into the reality of a distant time and into the world of the future through technology, that allows a virtual knowledge. You could say that “Yesterday, today and tomorrow” are lived in an incredible reality.

Fernanda Giulini accompanies the guests in the garden and the music is reborn through the flute concert and the arias sometimes taking up the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, following the evolution of the blooms and autumn colours, until the mantle of snow that draws the parterres of the historic garden.

One of the great surprises is the collection of gala dresses located in the building dedicated to fashion, the other great passion of the owner. The evening dresses connect to the international world of theatres where Fernanda Giulini witnessed wonderful evenings of memorable operas. The voice of the great opera artists accompanies the guest in a wonders path. A video combines the images of the theatres with that of the dresses worn for a premiere at La Scala and for legendary evenings in a dream journey between fashion and theatre. Another video tells the story of a family that has been able to combine the tradition of the past with business and technology impetus.

In the spaces of the Historical Residence, the areas open to the public, on reservation, and the rooms of the instruments integrate harmoniously offering exclusive events, concerts and overnight stays, offering guests the privilege of living a unique and unrepeatable place and experience. The tradition of hospitality is part of a family history that Fernanda Giulini interprets with enthusiasm and courtesy.

Crossing the spectacular Italian garden, you reach the Teatrino and you discover with genuine amazement a theatre dedicated to music masterpieces and to the enjoyment of the ancient and modern instruments of the collection. The Villa of the lost sounds lives on in the memory like a flood of beauty.

 Villa Medici Giulini is located in Briosco, very close to Milan, immersed in the Brianza greenery.

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