Holydays among music and garden

Staying in an Historic House just outside Milan

Ospitalità a Milano - Villa Medici Giulini

Live the unforgettable experience of staying in a Historic Residence just outside Milan, in one of the most surprising Brianza context. In addition to being a place of culture and music, unique in its kind, Villa Medici Giulini is also a place of hospitality thanks to the rooms for overnight stays.

You can spend your holidays renting the apartments that are connected with the Teatrino in which you can attend the final concerts of the masterclasses that take place at Villa Medici Giulini.

During your stay you will have the opportunity of visiting many places of art in the immediate vicinity of the Villa. Typical restaurants and golf courses are available in the surroundings of the property.

Choosing Villa Medici Giulini for your holiday means living a unique experience in the world of art and music. On demand exclusive visits to the paintings of Francesco Zuccarelli, the collection of musical instruments and the collection of evening dresses can be arranged for our guests.

The Historical Residence is an “artists’ residence” ideal for musicians, such as singers, soloists or conductors who are looking for a base just outside Milan where staying during the preparation of an opera or a concert. Artists can find rooms with pianos that can be used for rehearsals.

The property is also a magical place for painters who want to be inspired by the themes of the garden and historical architecture as they here find peace, quiet, landscape and inspiration.

Managers visiting Milan for work, have the opportunity to stay in an ideal place, tucked away from the vibrant bustle of Milan, in any case easily accessible.

A very important feature of the Villa is that it is open all year round.

Overnight stay during the events

Rooms and suites can be reserved during the events organized at the Villa, making it an exceptional location for weddings, private events, corporate events and conferences.

You have the feeling of being in the country house you have always dreamed of, for the care of the decor and for the convenience of being in the center of a small place which offers the services you are accustomed to.

You can break up the day of study or work enjoying the coolness of the garden and the beauty of the blooms. The music is like a background that accompanies your stay, leaving in the memory a poetic flow.

Rooms main features

The Villa’s rooms and suites are different from each other and are furnished with precious antique furniture and some have also pianos. The precious fabrics and the warm colors of the furnishings create a particular harmony. Each room has the name of a musician, almost to underline the favorite stay by the artists.

The view on the garden flowered with roses or on the lindens courtyard, the oak beams of the room in the ancient tower make it an ideal place for relaxation after a day of work or cultural tourism.

All rooms have their own private bathroom, complete with complimentary toiletries and towels regularly changed. They are also equipped with Wi-Fi, international plugs, TV, minibar and complimentary kettle and cups, further to private kitchens.

The rooms are connected to the halls that can be separated or joined, depending on needs. The balconies bloom with wisteria in the spring and a particular variety of Knirps roses in the summer.

The apartments name takes up and emphasizes the theme of music. A guide mentioning restaurants, services and places of art in the surroundings is available in every room.

  • APARTMENT A “Arpeggio”: 2 double rooms with bath, kitchen and living room, on the garden
  • APARTMENT B “Baritono”: 2 double rooms with bath, kitchen and living room, on the garden
  • APARTMENT C “Concerto”: 1 single room with bath and 2 double rooms with bath, kitchen and living room, on the garden
  • APARTMENT D “Duetto”: 1 double room with bath, kitchen and living room on the garden
  • APARTMENT E “Esibizione”: 1 double room with bath and kitchen, on the courtyard
  • APARTMENT F “Fioritura”: 1 single room with bath, 1 double room with bath, kitchen, on the courtyard
  • APARTMENT G “Glissando”: 1 single room with bath, 2 double rooms with bath, kitchen, on the courtyard