Audio and video recording

The excellent acoustics of the Teatrino, born for music, is ideal for audio and video recordings

Registrazioni audio e video a Milano - Villa Medici Giulini

The concert hall of the Teatrino, built entirely in wood, represents an excellence in acoustics, an indispensable prerogative for playing and recording. In the Villa halls were recorded CD that have become famous, such as those of Ludovico Einaudi and Rinaldo Alessandrini.

Villa Medici Giulini was renamed by a German record company “born for music” and tradition continues, with CD on the historical instruments and on the instruments of the different musicians. One of the last was Mauro Monguzzi, a bassoonist, who recorded the 6 Sonatas of Vivaldi Op.14 with Walter Mammarella at the piano.

Artists can lodge in the manor during the recording, enjoying the hospitality in a place of art of music.

The variety of situations offered by the Teatrino is an ideal film set for making videos, in particular video clips for singers or musicians who turn to a new audience. It is possible to take TV shots featuring pieces of classical or contemporary music.

Villa Medici Giulini can be defined as an “artist’s residence” where actors and musicians find a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere in the heart of Brianza, a stone’s throw from Milan.

A CD Gallery with audio and video recorded at Villa Medici Giulini, from Ludovico Einaudi to Fabio Biondi