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Like in a novel a wedding in a theatre

Location matrimoni Milano - Villa Medici Giulini

If you are looking for a wedding venue near Milan, Villa Medici Giulini is the ideal solution to combine the proximity to Milan, in the heart of Lombardy, with the tranquillity of the evocative atmosphere and the grandeur of a historical complex. Villa Medici Giulini contains all the features and spaces you need.

On sunny days you can well see the Resegone “with many of his peaks in a row” immortalized by Alessandro Manzoni in the famous opening of I promessi sposi. We are therefore in a Lombardy area where weddings are celebrated as in a novel, almost as a return to a famous story, always modern.

Celebrating the wedding in the Teatrino is a new experience that we can call “Wedding at the Theatre“, for the particularity of the venue that allows you to live a true fairy tale in which the actors are actually the wedding protagonists.

A wedding location in Milan: the importance of a strategic choice

Villa Medici Giulini is a wedding location located in a strategic position close to Milan, along the main roads and railways, surrounded by an oasis of greenery. We are in the heart of Brianza.

Guest privacy and discretion are guaranteed, as it is a protected place, perfectly combined with history, culture and music. This is because getting married in Milan at Villa Medici Giulini allow you to live a dream rooted in the past, which will leave indelible emotions in your heart and your guests’ ones.

Villa Medici Giulini is a recognized historical residence, perfectly restored and preserves a prestigious collection of musical instruments and evening dresses, which on request can be admired by guests.

Parking is located inside the property.

Hospitality and elegance for a charming wedding

Your wedding can take place in the Teatrino, also using the architectural spaces outside and the next rooms. The aperitif can be served in the garden.  Musical accompaniment emphasizes the gala that becomes an unforgettable event.

The Piazzetta and the Belvedere complete the wedding reception with outdoor spaces before guests move inside the hall. The Teatrino communicates with the garden of roses flowering until the first autumn days.

The access avenues to the Teatrino are a colours blaze due to the double flowering of roses and hydrangeas.

Spaces and ambiences can be set up based on your wishes, so that your wedding is totally customized.

Dining is free and is supported by external catering, which prepare the menus according to traditional recipes and the best of the “nouvelle cuisine”. We do not impose our suppliers to our guests, who therefore have the possibility to choose between the ranges of menus that are offered to them by the catering services. Customers can propose their own catering and wedding cake. The magnificent rooms are the background to the wedding pictures.

Guests can lodge at the hotel of Villa Medici Giulini to complete the celebrations beyond the wedding day.

You do not have to worry about anything but choosing the embellishments you want: flowers, candles, drapes, arrangement and table decoration. The rest will be the uniqueness of Villa Medici Giulini, a villa for weddings in which nature, history, culture and music blend, creating a synthesis rich in charm. The charm of the architecture will be the setting for your charming wedding, which will be exactly as you have always dreamed. A perfect wedding!

Villa Medici Giulini: a Villa for exclusive weddings

If you are looking for an exclusive wedding location in Milan, surrounded by greenery and close to the city, Villa Medici Giulini, historic residence of great value, represents the ideal choice for the exclusive and refined context as well as for the almost endless organizational and customization possibilities.
A unique wedding villa. An authentic place.
Your most beautiful day will be a success. Your guests will bring moments of rare beauty in their hearts.

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